All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection

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All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection was founded in 1992 on the base of North-Caucasian Research Institute for Phytopathology (1960-1992) and nowadays it is a leading research center on biological control in the Russian Federation.
Biological Plant Protection concept is based on three classical models of the bioregulation, i.e. usage «alive against alive » and methods, directed at control of biotic environmental factors. It is based on three main principles:
· cultivated plants and agrocenosis resistence (self-protection) on the whole on the basis of resistant variety usage;
· long-term biocenotic agroecosistems regulation;
· operating biological control of baleful species with help of classical biomethod and bioregulations means.
The Institute conducts research in the following main areas:
– scientific substantiation of biological and ecological approaches in crop production;
– monitoring of phytosanitary and ecotoxicological situations in agroecosystems and development of the forecast system for dangerous phytosanitary situations;
– working out of scientific principles of biocenotic mechanisms of agroecosystems regulation;
– formation and implementation of new biological and other environmentally safe and less dangerous means and methods of plant protection;
– fundamental research in taxonomy, cenology and ecology of entomophages and other beneficial biota representatives, working out the scientific principles for agroecosystem mechanisms regulation;
– development and application of new environmentally safe pest control products based on entomoacariphages, entomopathogens, herbiphages and phytopathogen germs inhibiting life activity of phytopathogens;
– studies of effectiveness and biosafety of genetically modified crops.
The Institute’s staff consists of 210 persons including over 112 research assistants with one of them having RAAS Academician, ten- D. Sc. degree and forty-three- Ph. D. degree.
The Institute’s scientific administration and Academic Counsel determine and coordinate the major basic and applied research lines.
Training staff of high qualification is realized through postgraduate study .
The Institute maintains international contacts with the scientists in Hungary, Germany, India, Poland, USA, Thailand, and other countries.