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Innovative project “Manufacture Organization of a Biopesticide Biostate” has been worked out, which consists in organizing the manufacture of an environmentally safe product of natural origin intended to control pest and diseases in crops.
Compared with other analogous products Biostat has a very low toxicity and a broad spectrum of biological activity: it acts against insects, mites, fungi and bacteria. Project has high rate of innovative readiness. However its practical application will be held in connection with the lack of registered documents.
To finish the technology development for Biostat production, its registration and commercialization it is necessary to attract business partners – investors, but also a partner, who possesses a branched marketing network, who can help to solve the problems with Biopesticide spread at All-Russian scale. Requested amount of financing:5 900 rub.. Pay-back period– 2 years.
Legal safety: RF Patents: № 2124292, № 2204903, № 2218746, № 2267923, ТЗ № 190195.
Competitiveness: a yearly demand for this product makes up about 350 tons.
Analog for protection of winter wheat is Pseudobakterin-2 and Dividend; for peach protection– Kuproksat, Score, Fundazol.