Laboratory for cereal immunity to fungous diseases

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The Head of the Laboratory – Galina Volkova, D.Sc. in Biology, Honoured Scientist of Kuban
The Laboratory studies theoretic and methodical principles for immunity development in winter wheat plants to improve its selection for resistance to fungous diseases. It investigates immunological resistance sources and classifies the resistance types in promising winter wheat cultivars to the complex of plant pathogens; studies the resistance genetics of cultivars and collection samples; investigates intrapopulation structures in the pathogens causing epidemically dangerous diseases, according to morphological and cultural characters, physiological and molecular markers; regularities and factors of their variability; forecasts the genetic structures of phytopathogen populations. It makes a search for new sources of resistance (including group resistance) and controls fungicide resistance development in the pathogens. It maintains the collection of the winter wheat diseases pathogens phenotypes and strains.